Doug Crompton on 2 Dec 2007 04:25:16 -0000

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[PLUG] Boot Problem

I am still playing with this Hitahi laptop - 32 meg ram and 1 GB hardrive.

I kinda gave up on DSL and Kunbuntu. They both just seem to hang after it
gets most of the way through the boot.

I loaded slackware 12.0 and it works better but still will not boot. I am
using lilo and installing to the MBR. I have a 64 meg swap partition and
the rest is one partition for linux - about 1gb.

When booting it find and loads the kernel from the HD but I am getting
kernel messages like -

udevd-event[2083]: udev_node_mknode: mknode(/dev/vcc/1, 020660,7,1)
failed: no such file or directory

Lots of messages like that...

Any ideas?

The same kernel (I think) boots fine from CD  - called huge.s


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