Michael Leone on 17 Jan 2008 18:29:15 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Can't seem to change my resolv.conf ...

On 1/17/08, Brian Vagnoni <bvagnoni@v-system.net> wrote:
>  Your dhcp server isn't changing it is it

No. Sorry, I forgot to say that this is a static IP.

> have the dhcp server update the resolv.conf. What is the symptom you are
> experiencing? You are not able to resolve domain names? Can you ping your
> isp's internet gateway and dns servers?

Can't resolve internal names. I have a local DNS server running on a
different host.

root@workhorse:/# nslookup laptop-600m

** server can't find laptop-600m: NXDOMAIN

What should happen:

C:\>nslookup laptop-600m
Server:  dim-win2300.dacrib.local

Name:    laptop-600m.DaCrib.local

(no laughing at the domain name :-))
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