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Re: [PLUG] Ms. Dewey

On Thursday 07 February 2008 16:00:47 Michael Leone wrote:
> > > The Ms. Dewey Search Engine
> > >
> > >
> >
> > Good lord.  The same folks who brought us Microsoft Bob and Clippy are
> > now trying their hands at being a search engine?
> Sort of - this Ms. Dewey is the interface to the search engine. It
> does make it more memorable than the simple Google interface (gimme
> Google anyday).

whoa... Microsoft Bob for the 21st Century

MS Bob = white guy with pipe and dog = 20th century

MS Dewey = racially ambivalent female; white? sort of.  Black? kind of.  
Hispanc? maybe.  South Asian? could be. = very 21st century

I think this model also works the LensCrafter ads.

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