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Re: [PLUG] The Computer Biz

MAPS is good for getting non-warez MS products for testing. It's a good cheap, and legal way to setup a pen-test lab. If you deal with customers a lot you have to deal with MS. Yes MS sucks, but I would rather pay $295 then the $10,000+ dollars to get everything that comes in the pack. There are certain products I'm not comfortable obtaining on my own, wink, wink. MS OS'es are one of them, too many ways and places to hide code and root kits. We are talking about making money here, the bulk of money to be made is in MS if you have the patience for MS user base. If doesn't break you can't make as much money off it. Yes, it's not pretty but that's business.

Linux has a lot of job security built into just because a lot of people don't get it.-

Patience is something that all computers MAC, PC, ...etc has taught me well. If you aren't a patient person you are in the wrong business. Especially if I'm getting paid by the hour. :-)

Brian Vagnoni

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On Feb 12, 2008 7:31 PM, Brian Vagnoni <> wrote:
> Demo or NFR(note for resale) units usually 40% - 100% off (mmm my favorite).
> Manufacturer kick backs, Intel gives you free cpus and motherboards as well
> as other equipment based on sales for example.

This one is cool...

> You can get a Microsoft Action Pack subscription for like $295/year which
> has most of their relevant products Office - Server - Exchange (it's worth
> it just for that).

This one sucks :-) I will sell you a pile of sh1t for $295 if you
really want! Give me a call. I'm an authorized p00p resell3r. In
all seriousness though, I used to think that because something cost a
lot of money, it was "good". I had MSDN Developer subscription and
had this feeling of "oh, I got everything I need right here, yeah!
Awesome!". Once I found out that M$ products are actually inferior, I
wouldn't even take them if you gave them to me for free. Thus, the
price tag is meaningless.

It used to be that I could not sit down on a Linux box without being
frustrated, many year ago. Now the inverse is true. "What, I have to
reboot 6 times just to get all the Microsoft updates?" "What, I
have to enter serial numbers now and activate every peice of
software??" "What, I can only uninstall one application at a time???"
"What if that installer is broken, or takes about 30 minutes to
uninstall, do I have to sit until that package is removed and then
click "uninstall" on the next app too????"

As you can see, M$ is inferior...
Kristian Erik Hermansen
"Know something about everything and everything about something."
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