Marc Zucchelli on 15 Feb 2008 20:50:37 -0800

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[PLUG] My Debian /etc/network/interfaces file has changed after a hardware problem

I have a dedicated server with Debian 4.0.  I have 5 ip addresses.  A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that I could only access a few of them.  The range of the final octet's are 202-2-6.  I think I was missing 203 and another, and lo.  I sent a ticket in to support, and they told me that the network card wasn't all the way plugged in, so they fixed that.  Now, when I rebooted, I was still missing a couple of ip addresses, including the local loopback address.  I found that they were actually missing from my /etc/network/interfaces file.  What's more is, that the interfaces had actually been renumbered.  203 and lo was still missing and maybe another.  The interface for 203 is supposed to be eth0:1, but eth0:1 was not missing, instead eth0:1 had the 204 ip address.  The interface numbers somehow became sequential even with missing ip addresses.

Is it possible that the kernel, or something overwrote this file?  We know that there was a hardware issue in this case.  Does anybody have any idea why the file was changed?  Are there any other possible problems that I need to look out for?



PS.  I fixed the file myself, and everything works fine, I just want to understand what happened better so I can take the appropriate measures if need be.

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