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Re: [PLUG] Tech Book Publishers & Book Suggestions?

Bill Diehl wrote:

> networking with file and printer sharing set up via Debian through a 
> wired router connected to 2 Win98SE machines?

Not sure you'd find what you're looking for in a book (or three).

Ymmv, but I found the best route was to do my research online.  You'll 
have to separate it into parts, but the info is there.  Plus there's 
this exceedingly helpful (and humorous) group of experts, semi-experts, 
single area experts, tinkerers, and those of us who got lucky enough to 
have the install CD work as advertised.

Make sure to put both Win machines in the same workgroup so they'll 
`see' each other.

Tiny free firewalls on each pc won't hurt, nor will antivirus (I use AVG 
on my remaining Win box).

If you're not married to 98 and your hardware will support it, I'd go 
with XP (Pro if possible).  It's much more stable (and I *despise* 
Windows' lack of stability).

If you're not invested in Debian (which is VERY stable), there are many 
install and go distros that will do this for you.  The one that comes to 
mind first is NAS (acronym for the generic Network Attached Storage). 
The initial purpose was to replace the bios in linux appliances and add 
features.  I used one called DD-WRT which you can install on a number of 
wireless routers (Netgear sells a special one designed for this).  It 
gives me all sorts of options not possible with the stock unit like 
increased power, VPN, and finer adjustment.

The NAS software is specifically designed to go on an appliance or pc 
and do more or less what you're asking.  A friend is using this to 
provide a wireless networking/storage server for some families in a less 
privileged neighborhood.  If it's not exactly what you need, there are 
bunches of others.  Google is your friend.  I've seen one-floppy 
firewall OSes that you can use on an ancient headless machine.

Research online and ask questions - you're off to a good start.

Good luck,


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