Robert Spangler on 9 Mar 2008 21:54:58 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] modprobe kvm question

On Sunday 09 March 2008 15:16, Art Alexion wrote:

>  I am using kvm/qemu for TurboTax.  If I forget to run a 'modprobe kvm-amd'
> kvm won't load and qemu runs the vm very slow. (Very, very fast with kvm). 
> If I reboot the host, I have to run modprobe again.  Is there a way to
> either make this permanent?

Question is do you need kvm all the time or just when you want to run 
TurboTax?  If just when you run TurboTax then create your own start script 
that does the modprobe then starts TurboTax or what every you need.



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