Michael Leone on 10 Mar 2008 20:25:17 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Walmart dumps Linux PCs

jeff wrote:
> ask yourself who shops for computers at Walmart.

Non-elitist snobs? :-)

(just teasing)

> One may guess that this was doomed to failure.

I have one of their older $200 Linux PCs, and I doubt I do it again, 
based on the quality, And yes, I knew it wouldn't be top shelf when I 
got it, nor did I expect it to. And I only used it as a small home 
server. While the majority of the time, it was fine, it had an annoying 
habit of just freezing up and being non-responsive, to the point that I 
had a cron job to reboot it once a week. When I changed a hard drive, 
and NIC, it got a lot more stable.
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