Art Alexion on 18 Mar 2008 09:49:04 -0700

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[PLUG] weird mounting behavior

I have a couple of lines in /etc/fstab that mount two windows shares on two 
different linux workstations I use at work.  They work well on both machines.

I set up a Linux user and mapped her windows network folder to her computer 
using one of the lines.  Worked fine.

Here is an example of the line

//sloth/user/ron  /mnt/H  cifs  
0 0

This is an attempt to mirror the way our windows users connect to their 
folders on the file server mappint their personal shares to H: on windows. 
Users have windows "Full Control" over these folders. The parent folder 
(//sloth/user) has its permissions set to allow users to browse to 
sub-folders, but have no write/modify rights to //sloth/user itself.  This is 
because there are some departmentally shared folders that various users can 
open and write to based on their departmental needs.  Windows user machines 
map this to U.

If I edit fstab to add the foregoing line everything works fine.  If I add a 
corollary line for //sloth/user, and execute a mount command, the other 
mountpoint dies.

ls -l reports

d_______? ? ? 0 <mountpoint>

The other mount is fine.  If I unmount both and remount them one craps out as 
above.  Doesn't matter which one, the second mounted partition wrecks the one 
mounted first.

If I comment one out the other works fine.

This works on my machine but the setup is different as I log into //sloth/user 
as windows domain administrator, but my personal share as myself/normal user.  
The users I am trying this with are mounting as themselves on both shares.

Any ideas why this is happening and what I can do about it?

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