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Re: [PLUG] Windows themes (ON-TOPIC, i promise)

As it seems that IRS is more interested in the profits of H&R Block
and the people at TurboTax, good luck there.

On Tue, 18 Mar 2008, K.S. Bhaskar wrote:

> I find it rather interesting that we are discussing open source
> software tol allow us to pay our taxes.  Is anyone else surprised (no,
> offended) that the IRS does not provide citizens with a way to file
> taxes electronically except the very simplest tax returns?  I can file
> my Pennsylvania tax returns electronically, but if I want to file my
> federal taxes electronically, Uncle Sam requires me to pay an
> intermediary to file my taxes.  It would save the Government time and
> money, and it would save me time and money if they allowed me to file
> my tax returns on the web.
> Instead of bemoaning the fact that there isn't a Turbo Tax work-alike
> for Linux, we should put our energy into demanding that the US
> Government provide us with a way to file our tax returns
> electronically via a W3C standards compliant web browser.
> Regards
> -- Bhaskar
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