Casey Bralla on 22 Mar 2008 04:14:57 -0700

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[PLUG] Disk Transfer Speeds

How fast are file transfers on your computer?

Recently, I noticed that some of my networked servers seemed very slow.  On large (100+ 
MByte) file transfers, I was getting rates less than 1 MBit/sec.  Changing out an old 
10 MBit/sec hub to a 100 MBit/sec switch increased the speed to about 8-9 MBits/sec.  
A little more investigation revealed that *local* transfers (on the same disk) maxed 
out at about 9 MBits/sec.  This seems to point to a limitation on the disk itself.  

This still seems slow to me.   

I've got a fairly good computer:  AMD 3400+, 2 GBytes of RAM, Gentoo, KDE, ReiserFS, 
Disk DMA active, with a half-dozen programs running.

I'm curious what speeds other people get with large files.  (Gotta be sure that the 
file is bigger than the cache to keep from getting bogus numbers)


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