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[PLUG] filing taxes under linux [FF web or WINE]
filing taxes under linux
by leftystrat on April 4, 2008 at 12:59 pm
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check here...
Filing US federal taxes under Linux
By Joe Barr on March 27, 2008 (3:00:00 PM)

Filling out tax returns has traditionally been an area where Linux comes 
up short compared to the proprietary platforms, but you actually have 
several options for using commercial income tax products on a Linux 
platform. Here's a quick look at three commercial tax offerings I found 
that work just fine using Ubuntu 7.10 and Firefox, even though 
two of the three vendors warn Linux users they are not supported. 
Translation: Don't look for vendor help if you run into problems.

Each product I looked at follows a Q&A format which, while it saves you 
have having to stare directly at a complicated form, asks you for 
specific data in a specific sequence. If you're like me, you'll spend a 
lot more time gathering all the info than you will actually entering it, 
so have on hand all your raw data and forms (W-2s, 1099s, financial 
statements) before you sit down with any tax preparation package.

I used a standard test case across all three products: an individual 
filing a US federal tax return with itemized deductions and earnings 
income from W-2 wages, interest, and dividends.

All the products establish a secure connection to a Web site when you 
begin your session, and I was able to log off and then back in to 
continue work on my return without incident.

Thanks Jeff [PLUG member], nice link.

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