Michael Leone on 4 Apr 2008 19:41:11 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Suggested reading

JP Vossen wrote:

> break.  Perhaps my favorite example of this is the idiotic 
> first-initial/last name user name convention that Windows/Exchange have 
> created.  Unless you are trying to be obscure, I can't think of a more 
> stupid way to do this, but most new sysadmins who don't know any better 
> will just take that default.  (For the record, IMO user IDs should be 
> {first 6 letters of last name}{FI}{MI} or {first 5 letters of last 
> name}{FI}{MI}{#} as needed.)  Just about anything having to do with 
> setting up an SMTP server properly is another example.

Why is it "idiotic"? And why is your way "better" (as opposed to 

(for the record,we use 1st 6 letters of last name, first initial. Middle 
initial if known, but it's not a requirement)

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