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Re: [PLUG] Bored

Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> You know, if you want a slimmed-down machine, you'll find Debian is a lot 
> more "boring",

I am actually quite familiar with it, having run it til it ate itself 
before switching to Xubuntu.  Also that it's the base of Ubuntu.

> in the sense that you probably won't have as many 
> opportunities to recount tales of anguish/woe.

I thank you for the advice, but at this point I do this to try to make 
people smile.  Also because I might be an unrepentant masochist.  Or 

P.S. KDE makes me ill.  If I see one more bouncy pointer, I'll go 
postal.  Or worse - I'll use Vista.

... Jeff for President - like satan without all the evil stuff

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