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Re: [PLUG] RHCE Course Questions

I am also interested in taking the RHCE exam.  I have been a sys admin 
for 12 years and have used just about every version of Unix/Linux.  
Could anyone give me some advice on how to prep for this exam?  What is 
the hands on part of the exam like? Do they allow you to use man pages? 
Do you need to install anything via up2date?  I am used to just going in 
by the seat of my pants and installing whatever is needed and 
configuring it from past experience.  There are times when I forget the 
small differences between FC, Ubuntu, Centos, Solaris, knoppix, and use 
the man pages for a quick reference, is that frowned upon?

What do they ask you to perform and what is the criterion that is used 
to grade you? Is how quickly you perform a task, how many times it takes 
to get the config file correct, if you configure the supporting apps 
like opening a firewall port for ftp, whether or not your checking the 
permissions on each file after you edit them?



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>   Those week-long seminars where you get an instructor equipped with
> overhead slides for 4 days and then on Friday you take the exam - the
> best thing about them is that they get you out of work for a week.  
> time would be better spent studying at home 9am-4pm and pocketing the
> $2,500.  Unfortunately a boss probably wouldn't agree with this idea.
>   The best thing to do for the RHCE/RHCT exam is to get a PC and do
> everything that will be on the test.   i.e. install fedora core w/RAID
> and then configure every service you can think of.  mail, ftp, http,
> dns, dhcp, firewall, ssh, nfs, nis, samba.
>   When I took the test a grade of A = RHCE, a grade of B = RHCT, or 
> you fail and pay $750 to take it again.  If you fail it, immediately
> find a paper and pen and write down the test questions, and make sure
> you know the answers to those questions when you go to take it the 2nd
> time.  The questions will not change much if at all.
>   -Bill
> > wrote:
> >> I would imagine that the RHE133 track would prove to be a more 
> >> and portable certification to obtain from Red Hat, and while I am a 
> >> learner, I want to ensure that I pursue a certification track that 
> >> guarantees success as well as portability/longevity for a Systems
> >> Administrator.
> >>
> > I'm not sure what you mean here - The RHCT is a pretty basic cert 
> > you can get if you fail the RHCE exam (first half of the RHCE is
> > actually the RHCT test). There isn't a 'track' so to speak, there is
> > just the two certs. There are a few classes to prep you for the cert
> > exams, but you end up with the same cert at the end of the day.
> >
> > The RHCE is tough - I got mine back in December. Eight other people 
> > took the class for the week failed. Honestly, the class is worthless 
> > preparing you for the cert without a lot of hands on experience.
> >
> >
> >
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