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Re: [PLUG] PC equipment disposal (OT)

Julien (and everyone),

Another good way to keep old computer equipment and anything else
out of the landfill is:

It is a central site used to coordinate a bunch of local groups
around the country.  Each local group has a mailing list used to
offer/request stuff.  I've given away and received lots of stuff
that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill, or had to be
disassembled and salvaged to avoid polluting the landfill. 

I've done everything from computer stuff like wireless routers,
mice, keyboards, cables, firewalls, etc. to organizer drawers for
nuts and bolts, to cat scratching posts, etc.

Also, check out the Recycling row of my links page:
for links to permanent sites at the Lanchester landfill, Chester
County recycling locations, the PleaseTake web site, etc.

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Julien Mills wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>About a year ago there was a thread here about disposing of
>old equipment.  I can't find the thread and I'm wondering if
>anyone knows of a place where one can bring old PCs and 
>monitors and other stuff.
>In that thread I kind of remember there being recycling places 
>which were open once a month or once in a blue moon or whatever 
>but I don't think there was a permanent place open all the time.
>Where do you guys dispose of old equipment?
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