Ron Mansolino on 30 Apr 2008 14:02:19 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] server problem

> I'm curious if someone on this list has some insight into this problem...
> One of my clients has a Compaq ProLiant 6400R server (ancient - quad 550 MHZ 
> Xeon P3 processors) that suddenly started having hardware crashes.  It runs for 
> about 10 minutes then suddenly a black screen.  Immediate reboot does not help 
> but If I let it sit for 10 minutes I can reboot it - for about 5 minutes.
> It's OS agnostic... Windows, Knoppix, it does not care.
> I'm convinced that something is heating up and causing the failure but I have no 
> idea what.  All the fans work.
> Curiously, when the server crashes it appears that it starts to reboot (CD ROM 
> drive light starts blinking).  Also, the bus appears to be reset about every 5 
> or 10 seconds.  It's as though the system starts to boot and then something 
> resets the bus and it starts all over.
> I've removed and re-installed the power supplies, removed the fax card (ISA), 
> removed every processor and associated power supply card looking for signs of 
> trouble... nothing.
> Anybody have any thoughts about how to troubleshoot this further? 

have you tried using a different power supply? maybe it can't produce enough current
run it with a minimal amount of stuff plugged in, just the necessities
(I hesitate to say) clear the CMOS and reconfigure it
(does the bios give you power mgmt things to tweak? maybe something is tripping that)

some models of a certain vintage have defective electrolytic capacitors (they boil over on top)
run the serial number by the manufacturer if you can, it's a known issue with some compaq/hp

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