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Re: [PLUG] server problem

Mark Baker wrote:
> I would recommend using the HP Lights out interface (if the server has
> one) to check the error logs that the hardware is creating.  The HP
> tools such as the hpasmcli and hpacucli commands should point you in the
> right direction.  Have you booted into knoppix or another live-cd distro
> to see if the problem persists?
> Mark

Thanks to all who replied!

Yes, I tried Knoppix and it's the same story - that's what convinces me that I'm 
dealing with a hardware failure.

I'm going to try various arrangements ( one power supply, one cpu, no SCSI card, 
etc.) to see if I can isolate it.  That's because I only have about 3 to 5 
minutes before it blanks on me so the software tools may not do the job fast 
enough.  In fact, I'm not sure I can even get them installed!

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