jeff on 2 May 2008 07:50:37 -0700

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[PLUG] monitoring/syslogging

Thank you to all who replied.
I've been going over the choices way too much recently.

VMware is a gift from the linux god(s).  I've been trying out various 
prebuilt machines, among them OSSIM, CACTI, ZENOSS and others.  You dl 
the vm, plug it into VMplayer, configure to network, and you're off. 
What makes me really happy is that they throw everything you need into 
one package.  As I was downloading it, I came across a page on 
configuring the program from scratch.  It wasn't pretty but it WAS long.

OSSIM is incredible.  It's got so much stuff crammed into it that it 
will take months to learn just how to operate it, no less how to do it 
correctly or what it can possibly do.  Haven't found event logging yet 
though.  The internal Nessus scanner has already given me way too much 
to investigate on the network.

As for logging, it's been pretty much as I expected: much research, much 
effort required, and entirely not what I want to be using.  (JP - I've 
been going through your exhaustive list - very good reference)  I'm not 
whining, just observing.  I have tried out the logchecks, et al, and as 
plain a guy as I am, I would still prefer some graphics, like a 
dashboard graph kinda thing.

Temporarily I'm testing out ActiveXperts Network Monitor, which will 
alert me to log issues but doesn't have very good filtering and doesn't 
actually forward the log - I have to remote to the servers.  I had 
another one that was better but as one would expect, Windows took a dive 
and ate the program.  Both programs are Windows-only.

I'll be taking another look at Wireshark/tcpdump, which will do for 
finding issues as they're happening (provided I know where to look). 
I'd still like a larger view program though.  If I can figure out OSSIM, 
that will probably do it.

Updates as I figure them out.
Thanks again for all the suggestions.  The knowledgebase here is incredible.

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