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Re: [PLUG] ssh key based authentication

I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. I had a cron job running rsync over
SSH to back up from servers here in Philadelphia to Idaho for backup once an
hour, and noticed it stopped working. It turns out one of my devs changed
the permissions on the grandparent directory by accident while under root
reconfiging apache. The entire tree has to have properly secured permissions
or SSH will fail (and rightly so!).

There's an excellent tutorial with best practices suggestions and
troubleshooting tips on rsync over SSH (and SSH key-gen in general) located
here which I've found useful as this isn't the kind of thing I set up daily:




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A couple of people suggested permissions being too lax.  The
permissions on the sprint user's homedir were 777.  I changed them to
755 and it works now.
Thanks so much!

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