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[PLUG] Suse and Active Directory

I just figured something out by accident that may be helpful to someone.

I had been using SUSE SLED 10 and had it integrating quite nicely with AD and 
Exchange.  Then one day, our building lost power and I was never able to 
connect/authenticate again.  I tried reconfiguring the box; no luck.  I tried 
removing the computer from the AD side and rejoining.  No luck.

By accident last week, I found I was no long in the Domain Users group.  This 
didn't seem to bother authentication on the Windows side because I was still 
in the Domain Admins group.  I only found out because I didn't have access to 
a share that was open to all Domain Users.

After re-joining the Domain Users group, I was able to join and authenticate 
to AD without a problem.  So, it appears that the pam/winbind scheme utilized 
by Suse only authenticates against the Domain Users group and not Users the 
way native Windows AD does.

Hope this helps anyone who experiences a similar problem or wants to hack 
Linux AD membership.

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