Claude M. Schrader on 16 May 2008 19:49:25 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Cisco Switch Manager Question

On 22:26 Fri 16 May     , Brian Vagnoni wrote:
>    Hi;
>    I'm trying to configure a Cisco WS-1924-EN switch running IOS
>    Enterprise Edition through the Switch Manager Web Interface. I'm able
>    to telnet in, as well as use the console cable and make changes to the
>    switch. But when I try and do it through the web I get the interface up
>    there and can view stuff but can't make any changes as it comes up bad
>    request 400 with I hit the apply button.
>    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong.
>    Brian Vagnoni

honestly - that switch and IOS combination is super super old - you're
kind of asking for trouble trying them period. adding the old web
interface is guaranteeing failure. Ciscos switch web interfaces are still
pretty poor on brand new gear, I'd stick to CLI on the old stuff. You may
want to look out for a good price on a 2924 or 2950. They are more modern
switches, but since they don't do GigE, you can get one for a reasonable
amount of money.

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