JP Vossen on 19 May 2008 08:54:27 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Build-in Windows commands for system analysis

 > Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 07:55:04 -0400
 > From: "Brian Vagnoni" <>
 > Subject: Re: [PLUG] OT: Build-in Windows commands for system analysis
 > Have you checked out Windows PowerShell 2.0

Only insofar as I have seen various example scripts in various places. 
It looks like it's very powerful, and I greatly applaud the notion that 
you will eventually be able to control all aspects of the system from 
the command line (I'm not going to get myself started on this topic).

To me personally, it looks very verbose, and I don't find it at all 
intuitive.  That may simply be because I'm much more familiar with bash 
and Perl though.  But it always bugs me when M$ has to go and re-invent, 
poorly, something that already exists and is proven, simply because it 
wasn't invented there.

For example, why not expand on the existing Perl WMI modules and make 
Perl the "scripting" language?  See New Rider's _Win32 Perl Scripting: 
The Administrator's Handbook_

Oh well,
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