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Re: [PLUG] OT: Personal Broadband?

We have a DC @ 401 N.Broad

So – kinda cheated a little.


Setup wireless from the roof – and broadcast that to our offices and home.

Nice we get roughly 40mbps drops to about 30-35 with rain fade…

Still awesome!


Have Comcast for a backup – but rarely used.


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Whether it's Covad or Verizon it's either dsl or dsl/fios in Verizon's case in this area. As opposed to someone like AT&T who's support chain is AT&T, to Covad to Verizon. There is one exception when it comes to dsl that I know about and that is XO Communication's as they own their own OC192 network and you only have to go through Verizon for loop maintenance where the others it's ISP(AT&T, Speakeasy, ...etc), Covad and then Verizon. The only other source of broadband that I know about is either an EDVO source like Sprint or Verizon Wireless, or Satellite Internet through Direct TV or Hughes. You could I imagine also go point to point microwave through Sprint or Verizon if you didn't mind the cost and an uber big dish on the roof. Of course after that there is only Comcast and dial up.

Things may have changed with regard to certain providers I mentioned above as to whether or not they actually own their own networks as it's been awhile checking into this for me.

Of course you could also do T1 or T3 or factional at an expensive cost from most of the above mentioned ISP's.

Good luck in your search.

Brian Vagnoni
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Subject: [PLUG] OT: Personal Broadband?

Assuming options other than Verizon and Comcast, who do YOU get your
residential bandwidth from?
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