Neill R on 1 Jun 2008 20:26:06 -0700

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[PLUG] DNS Forwarder configuration

Hi everyone,
I have an internal bind 9.2 name server - which is the primary NS for dozens of client systems. The server is setup in such as way where it is authorative for all client zones - such as,  but for all other requests (like it forwards to our ISP's Name Server.
I recently ran into a situation where a new *compliant* client (client 3) does not want their zone files on the same machine as other client zones, so I decided we can setup a seperate name server on the client network - and just setup a "type forward" zone entry on my primary NS for I configured the compliant client zones and rolled out the new DNS server with no issues.  However, when I try to resolve via the primary NS I get no answer. Below is a sample of my primary NS named.conf. I have ruled out mosty all the obvious things, like network connectivity and access to the DNS ports, and DNS control ports.
Thanks in advance

//Global options

options {
        directory "/var/named/zones";
        query-source address;
        listen-on {;;};
        forwarders {;;};
        forward only;
        //Allow zone transfers only to servers listed here.
        allow-transfer {10.10.15/24;

//Client 1 Zones
zone "" {type master; file "";};

//Client 2 Zones
zone "" {type master; file "";};

 //Client 3 Zones
zone ""    { type forward; forwarders {;};  };
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