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Re: [PLUG] change inode info?

Art Alexion wrote:
> I should remember this from the "what is a file?" December meeting.  I've run 
> into a problem backing up a precarious HD to another.  The target drive is 
> 500 GB, but I am running into "no space left on drive" after 182 GB.  
> IIRC, the original filesystem may have been created by dd_rescue in the course 
> of backing up a 200 GB drive with ~100 GB of data from a 111 GB partition.  I 
> am trying to add another 101 GB from another drive and it is failing for lack 
> of space.  cfdsk reports that the partition is ~500 GB, so I assume this is 
> an inode problem.

i apologize; TLDR. but if i understand the general gist, you've run out
of inode allocations. this cannot be altered without re-formatting (not
low-level) the filesystem, as i recall- you'd have to mkfs.ext3 (if
you're using ext3, for instance) and specify the inode allocation then.

judging by the use of dd_rescue, though, i'm assuming you're using this
in a recovery situation? if that's the case, you'll want to keep the
image on a separate disk, create a new filesystem on the 500g, and then
mount the image as loopback and rsync.

brent saner.
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