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[PLUG] PLUG West meeting notes 2008.06.16 - JP's Bash Presentation

Attendance: 12
New Users: 1

The NTFS dirty flag came up while JP was talking about a problem with
wubi (http://wubi-installer.org/).  Wubi for those who don't know
allows you to install Ubuntu to a file within your winDOwS file system
and use the DOS boot loader to boot Linux.  This gets around
partitioning your disk and gives a seamless way to treat your Ubuntu
install as an application that you can remove from winDOwS land.

So, when the dirty flag is set (you can accomplish this by forcefully
shutting down winDOwS while it is booting up), booting into Linux will
not work.  In fact it fails silently, dropping the user into an
initramfs prompt.  Booting into Ubuntu recovery mode yields a slightly
less cryptic error.  The dirty flag came up again in another
discussion where a (old) knoppix distro could see a disk and
partitions, but refused to mount the partitions.

JP's presentation was well received and covered a lot of things about
BASH that are useful to know.  If you're curious, go out and download
his book. :)

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The building lease might be up, so there is a possibility that we will
need a new location.

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