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Re: [PLUG] Why Virtualize?

On Saturday 21 June 2008 17:03:02 jeff wrote:
> > This saves energy because a single fully loaded server
> > requires less electricity that dozens of partially loaded servers.
> Bingo.
> > maintenance, etc.  (Cooling costs will only go down in proportion to
> > electricity consumption, so not as dramatic a savings there.)
> Going from about 20 to about 4 is fairly significant.

This time of year, and based on personal experience, this savings is not 
limited to the energy it takes to run the servers.

We have two sources of air conditioning in our server room.  Last week, the 
one supplied by the building failed to cool the room.  After a couple of days 
of repeated heat outages, and running 3 fans in addition to the air 
conditioning units, we decided to start pricing out another air conditioning 
unit to break our reliance on the old building unit.

Someone else calculated the BTUs we would need, but the acquisition and 
installation estimates came in at $11500 for 3 tons, and $52000 for 5 tons.  
Mind you, that doesn't include operating costs, and with gas prices 
increasing, can electricity costs be far behind?

Now that is for a room with 20 servers and off-site backup only.  We are in 
the process of virtualizing those 20 into 3(+1 redundant backup).  My guess 
is that we won't have to do anything with the air conditioners when we drop 
the heat load by a factor of 5.

Not to mention that we are doing it with the benefit of redundancy that would 
otherwise cost a lot more in hardware and air conditioning.

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