David A. Harding on 29 Jun 2008 12:44:53 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Listing packages (was Server h/w migration)

On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 02:51:48PM -0400, JP Vossen wrote:
> cdrecord xvidtune are marked removed, or "deinstall ok config-files"
> or "deinstall", but they aren't and I don't want them to be and I
> never marked them as such that I recall:
>       $ which cdrecord xvidtune
>       /usr/bin/cdrecord
>       /usr/bin/xvidtune

I think you're assuming that the executables cdrecord and xvidtune are
provided by the packages bearing their names.  In recent versions of
Debian, that is no longer the case.  For example:
        $ apt-cache show cdrecord | grep ^Description
        Description: Dummy transition package for wodim

        $ dpkg -S /usr/bin/xvidtune
        x11-xserver-utils: /usr/bin/xvidtune

> What is "deinstall ok config-files" (or whatever) supposed to mean?

The package has been removed (deinstalled) successfuly (ok) but its
configuration files (config-files) remain on your system.

> What's the canonical way to list the installed packages on a Debian-ish 
> system? ('rpm -qa' is canonical, definitive, fast and easy. And 'rpm
> -qa --nodigest -- nosignature' is even faster.)

Debian's dpkg corresponds, in function, to Red Hat's rpm. As such, dpkg
is guarenteed to be installed on all complete Debian systems, and
commands using it are canon. That's why I previously used 
dpkg --get-selections over dpkg-query and, in this email, dpkg -S
over dlocate.

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