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Re: [PLUG] OpenSuse 11.x Kernel Question

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> Hi All;
> Having some fun here with kernel recompilation. I have the default working 2.6.25 kernel booting up just fine. I want to add and delete some options and then recompile. However when I go to /usr/src/linux I find no .config file. So what I'm planning on doing is loading the /boot/config-2.6.25.x-default and using that as my starter config.

this is why everyone needs to do at least one gentoo install.

you do know that:
make menuconfig

generates the .config FOR you, and is the preferred way of going about
it, don't you? it's got an ncurses interface too. it's really not that

> Assume I have full x access.
> From /usr/src/linux
> cp /boot/config.xxxxxx .config.bak
> make mrproper
> make (bah)config  ; edit said good known working config then save
> (make dep is no longer needed)
> make clean
> make all
> make modules_install install
> reboot

i don't know if SuSE uses grub, but grub lets you use multiple kernels.
that way if you b0rk3d something while making your new one, you at least
have the old, unpatched/unchanged kernel to fall back on.

> Or use diff to compare the 2 files, edit and recomplile?

won't work, since the kernel is a binary file. if you had two .configs,
it'd work, but since you don't AND since it's more recommended to build
.configs from scratch via make menuconfig anyways...

> Or just edit the good known config for the options I want to change and recompile?

do the above, and this. keep a copy of the good as a backup. have them
all sperate GRUB entries.

brent saner.
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