Art Alexion on 8 Jul 2008 04:15:26 -0700

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[PLUG] Printing ghosts

My Linux/CUPS/Samba computer acts as the print server in my heterogeneous home 

I have two printers attached to parallel ports, an HP5si on lp0 and an Epson 
Stylus Color 740 on lp1.  The laserjet functions as expected, but the inkjet 
is odd.

After a boot, both lp0 and lp1 have 660 permissions.  Everyone prints fine to 
lp0, but everyone, including the printserver has a permissions problem 
printing to lp1.  'sudo chmod 666 /dev/lp1' fixes the problem but it's weird 

Second, and this is more problematic, if the inkjet is offline for any reason 
(turned off, out of paper, forgot to reset the permissions) it prints garbage 
when it gets back on line.  I can do all the cancels and printer power 
cycling I want, and still control code garbage only.  A reboot of the 
printserver fixes the garbage problem, but any old, incomplete print jobs — 
jobs that cups says don't exist — are printed as soon as I print something 

If these jobs (and the garbage jobs) aren't being stored in the cups buffer, 
and they aren't being stored in the printer's buffer, where are they? (and 
how can I get rid of them?)

What's going on with the permissions problem?

Thanks for suggestions.

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