Art Alexion on 14 Jul 2008 08:22:02 -0700

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[PLUG] libdvdcss2

I have a DVD, produced by the CEO of the company where I work that he wants 
prepared for streaming.  We don't have the original video anymore.  

For some reason, k3b claims to lack permission to the DVD device.  On two 
machines.  Windows PowerDVD plays it.  If I try to play it with kaffeine, it 
complains that I need libdvdcss, but I have that installed.  I have 
duplicated encrypted DVDs in the past.  Is there a new encryption that is not 
supported by libdvdcss2, that somehow is installed in a windowsxp computer?

Any ideas?

I figure I could download some windows program and do it there, but I'd rather 
use the linux tools with which I am familiar.

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