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Re: [PLUG] VMware in Ubuntu repos?

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JP Vossen wrote:
| VMware Server used to be in

|   But there are no "*-commercial" repos since Feisty, and I can't find
| it in any repo I've found.
| I know how to install it manually, and have done so many times, but it
| would sure be nice if it was "officially" in a repo.  Anyone have any
| ideas what happened?
| BTW, I also see that virtualbox-ose *is* in the repos, and several
| people on this list and elsewhere have recommended I check it out,
| I'll get around to.  It seems to have better USB support than VMware
| too...  Anyone want to do a demo of it?  And/or a comparison between
| VMware Server, Workstation and VB-OSE?
| Clues?
| JP

i've used virtualbox, virtualbox-ose, and vmware server..

commercial virtualbox and vmware are not in default repos anymore.

you may be able to find them in a 3rd party repo, but i think it'd be
easiest just to install the vendor binary.

ubuntu gutsy and below (and maybe hardy?) have a known bug in which
vmware server wants to re-install/re-configure itself once in a while.
should be workarounds for it.

and once i got the host interface bridging bug on ubuntu settled out,
i loved virtualbox (have yet to try it on my gentoo box)

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