Jon Bringhurst on 26 Jul 2008 10:41:22 -0700

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[PLUG] Free sparc 20 w monitor

I'm looking for a good home for an old sparc 20 with a large monitor
(19in?) I'm looking to get rid of it tonight (I'm moving tomorrow).
The thing weighs a ton (think of an awkward pike of bricks), so bring
a car or 2+ strong people if you need to carry it somewhere. I have no
idea on the specs and don't really feel like setting it up to find
out, but it is the old "pizza box" style, made back around 1995.
Current prices on ebay are like $20-$40, so it's not even worth the

I'm located right around 43rd and Pine streets, so send me back an
email if you want it.

If it's not gone tonight, I'm just gonna craigslist it. Of course, I'd
rather give it to someone who might actually use it tho :)

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