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Re: [PLUG] Authoring video DVDs on Ubuntu Hardy

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On Monday 28 July 2008 9:10:23 pm JP Vossen wrote:
> a) I originally used brasero to burn the disc.  It complained that the
> md5 hashes didn't match, but I have no idea why since the discs
> (eventually) worked.  And doing those extra hashes made the operation
> take significantly longer.

I have never successfully burned ANYTHING  with brassero and installed k3b on 
my otherwise gnome system.  k3b successfully burned everything that brassero 
failed to do.

I may have be doing something wrong, but can't figure out why a distro would 
include brassero as production ready software.

> b) I originally didn't set the vids to NTSC in devede, but left it as
> the default PAL.  When I burned the disc my DVD player complained it
> couldn't read it.  Assuming a problem with "a)" I burned another disc
> using growisofs but got the same problem.  So it was an ISO problem, not
> a burn problem.
> c) Then I tried gnomebaker and qdvdauthor, but neither do video DVDs
> (they do audio CD and data CD/DVD).

qdvdauthor always did most of what it was designed to do when I used it, that 
is, author menus and convert mpeg-2 files into VOBs for burning.  While it 
also claimed to burn the resulting VIDEO_TS directory to a DVD, that never 
worked for me and I used to burn the resulting directory with k3b.

a co-worker has had good luck with devede, but I never tried it as I don't 
like the "wizard" interface.

The best luck I have had is with the windows program ConvertXtoDVD.  You just 
drag and drop source files to it and it does the conversion creates some nice 
default animated menus, includes subtitles if they exist and does the 
burning.  You can go with the dozen or so templates, or fine tune any of 
them.  What I like most of all are the audio prompts.  The English ones are a 
woman with a heavy Russian accent who says "Damn, you have  a problem." 
whenever she encounters an error.  When that gets boring, you can change to 
Japanese or any of the other 8 or so languages.  But seriously, it does a 
great job.

It does not run reliably under wine, though some of the budgetdedicated 
packages run it sometimes.  It runs fine in a VM, but make sure that you 
allocate enough space for the source mpeg, the VIDEO_TS structure, and the 
temporary ISO.

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