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[PLUG] 1st east coast BOINC meeting @ UofDelaware - Aug 29

First East Coast BOINC Meeting
BOINC in Research, Science, and Education

Location: University of Delaware, Gore Hall, room 115

Date: August 29, 2008

Meeting Description:

Volunteer Computing (VC) projects harnesses resources owned by the 
public and connected to the Internet. BOINC (Berkeley Open 
Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a well-known middleware 
that supports the VC paradigm. The number of BOINC-based projects 
has grown to over 70, and the total computing power has grown from 
100 TeraFLOPS to 1,200 TeraFLOPS. Several of these projects are 
supported by industrial partners such as IBM and national funding 
agencies such as the National Science Foundation. A growing 
community is looking at BOINC not only to gather large comptuing 
power but also for research, science and educational purposes.

This meeting gathers scientists, students and instructors to discuss 
the state-of-the-art and new opportunities supported by BOINC and 
the large community of BOINC volunteers. David Anderson, pioneer of 
the volunteer computing paradigm and father of the BOINC middleware 
will open the meeting. Local and international scientists will 
present achievements and future research and educational 


Registration is appreciated. Please send an e-mail to Michela Taufer 
before August 20, 2008 (I'm sure it will be fine to still RSVP after 
the date.)

Parking Directions:

You can park at the Center for the Arts Garage (building 14C on this 
MAP ). This is a pay-to-park garage. The parking fee is ~$8 per day. 
Gore Hall (building next to 61 on the parking map) is at walking 
distance from the parking garage.

Tentative schedule:
9:00    Coffee and donuts
10:00   Michela Taufer (University of Delaware) - Welcome
10:10   David P. Anderson (UC Berkeley) - Exa-Scale Volunteer Computing
11:00   Trilce Estrada (University of Delaware) - Emulating BOINC
Applications with EmBA
11:30   Mark Somers (University of Leiden, The Netherlands) - Leiden
Classical - BOINC in Teaching
12:00   Lunch and discussion
1:30    Michael P. Cummings (University of Maryland - College Park) - BOINC as 
Part of a Comprehensive, Multi-resource Grid Computing System
2:00    Jack Shultz (National Academies) and Andrew Gillette (The
Foundation for Computational Learning & Science) - The Invisible Hand and 
Hidden Markets of the BOINC Community Platform
2:30    Eric Myers (LIGO Hanford Observatory) - Distributed Data and Grid 
Computing for Inquiry-based Science Education and Outreach
3:00    Discussion and conclusion

Contact: Michela Taufer (taufer@acm.org)

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