Josh Goldstein on 26 Aug 2008 10:03:51 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Duplicate emails

I have occasionally gotten duplicate E-mails from the list, and I use Yahoo mail.  It's pretty infrequent and I don't recall it happening recently.

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Subject: [PLUG] Duplicate emails

Is anybody else getting duplicate emails from the PLUG list?  I have
since I signed up.  It's not consistent; some emails I will only get one
of, some I'll get two, and a few I'll even get three copies of.  They're
exact copies, including the delivered-to, so it's not because I'm signed
up with multiple email addresses.  I don't get multiple copies of either
of the other two mailing lists that I'm on.

My email setup is Google Apps+Getmail (simple POP3 SSL
retriever)+Dovecot.  Could any of that be causing this?  I looked in my
mailing list prefs and found nothing.


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