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Okay, I was (partly) wrong.  KDE 4 is _really_ nice.  I don't like the 
widget-only desktop but I found a pseudo-clever way to get the few icons 
I need on my desktop (run a KDE 3.x session and create the icons you 
need - they appear when you log back in under KDE4.)

I had to rebuild my 2 GHz Celeron / 1GB laptop so I chose Kubuntu 
8.04.1.  KDE 4 is looks great and is quite usable.  It's clear that all 
the work they put in to re-writing some core elements was time well spent.

Not being a apt wizard (yet) I need someone to tell me the command 
line(s) I need to install 4.1.1?  Do I have to add some new sources?
(Please tell me I don't have to compile it myself...)


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