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Re: [PLUG] OpenGL Screensavers

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> However and in the spirit of discussion; who cares if someone wants to have bouncing balls on their desktop during idle. I know I don't. As long as screen saver is appropriate for the situation, more power to you. 

"more /power/ to you" is a pun, i hope?

> If a ******trusted****** screen saver performs any useful function at all it provides a *********very small ****** level of desktop privacy. Which is ********slightly******* enhanced when it includes password protection.

care to provide a case-scenario for us to demonstrate how it doesn't add
 a beneficial amount of security? granted, it's no end-all be-all, but
i'd be interested in hearing about known flaws/weaknesses in it.

> I hope this ends this discussion as I don't know if my mailbox can take it. :-)

then why are you fueling the fire? :P
really, though, all this text can't possibly put THAT much strain on
your mta...

brent saner.
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