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Re: [PLUG] eeeeeeee PC

I'm a lurker here, an airline pilot with fantasies of being a rails developer.  Can't help but respond to this topic on the eee.
I just got my 1000h from newegg the other day for $449.  This is the model with an actual 80gb hard drive (now it ships with 160gb for about $30 more) and xp home for the os.  I upgraded the ram from 1gb to 2gb for about $25 after rebate and bought a faster 7200rpm 320gb hd and a 32gb SSD to play with just for fun.  The eee is fine to use without any of the upgrades however.
I absolutely love this thing.  I obviously travel all the time, so the portability is a huge factor.  The cover that comes with the device is fine to keep on through airport security, by the way.  I can type easily with the smaller than normal keyboard and the display is crisp and bright.
My plans are to quad boot the machine with xp, vista, ubuntu, and BT3.  There are several distros of linux set up for the eee, with most if not all drivers included.  There is a significant online community surrounding this thing, and many hardware and software hacks and mods available to chose from.  I plan to get a gps receiver and mapping software for travel (using the SSD for vibration issues).
I chose the eee over the Dell mini for the larger keyboard and screen, n wireless, battery life, mod capabilities and support community.  My only beef so far is the placement of the right shift key on the keyboard, which can be corrected by some remapping.

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holdenergy1 wrote:
> Yep, I'm trying to think like a typical user - though sometimes
> terrifying to me.

Thanks - sometimes it doesn't translate fully in email.
I should know :)

> Anyway, in my view it's a good metric of whether a Linux distro is
> ready to displace that other OS distro, 

The response I got spoke for itself though.  No one had any difficulty 
operating it.  No one was intimidated.  Must be a size thing - 
(I kid you not)

> you know, the one Jerry Seinfeld
> sells...

Not anymore.  He just got a pink slip.

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