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Re: [PLUG] Comcast Biz. (was email being rejected...)

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From: JP Vossen

> One reason I've avoided this solution is that I was told that the 
> assigned IPAs where in the same ranges as the dynamic Comcast 
> residential ranges, and thus get blocked by all kinds of blacklists. 
> Not true?  Or now changed?

You are welcome to do recon on my domain to see. Everyone I've 
recommended has liked it a lot. The only time I've ever gotten 
temporarily blacklisted with Comcast was my own fault. I hooked
a customers laptop up to my network that was infected with 
the nightmarish VirtueMonde virus/rootkit/Trogan. It started
spamming instantly and before I knew it I was blacklisted. 

I was able to clear up most myself, and or had to wait the token
few days for it to come off auto-magically. 

I also understand that Comcast's infrastructire is not the same every 
where. I have clients in Norristown that seen to have a lot of
trouble with both internet and TV. I've never HAD to reboot
my cable modem where I live, nor has it ever lost it's configuration.

> Another reason is that last time I checked, it was $100+/mo. for the 
> biz. service.  That's more than double what I'm paying for residential

Yes, it's going to be more expensive than dsl. I pay about $100 a month
all told with taxes. That's their fastest service, 5 ip's, + taxes locked 
in for 2 years. Free install if it's locked in for 2 years. For me it's
worth it. They do offer a business light which is cheaper. You get an
SMC 8014 gateway which I have configured as a bridge.
> And yet another reason I haven't tried this is that Comcast has 
> historically been totally unable to create or manage a robust DNS 
> infrastructure.

They farm that stuff out. Just do a dnsstuff report on 
and you will see the company they use for hosting. I will say that 
with Speakeasy it was a hop or 2 to the ISP primary dns server. With 
Comcast it's more like 14 - 18. 

I don't like free e-mail services personally. I like control over 
my stuff, plus it's still fun for me. I think you really need to 
take all the stuff into account before signing up with anyone.

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