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Re: [PLUG] help with filling a sysadmin position

- Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the job description?
   You could say "15-20 mins from Center City Philly" - some people might assume it's too far away and in a dull location. 
   I would definitely be more attracted to a job offer if it said something about the age range of your current employees and whether or not you and your managers are Dilbert bosses.  Mentioning work-sponsored social events would be great.
   You mention 24x7 support, FreeBSD, MTA and DB performance tuning, interacting with clients, AND programing.  That makes me wonder if the new person would be part of an IT team and what size is the team, because doing all of that or even some of all of that seems like it could easily snowball into waaay too much work for just one person.
   If you mentioned a nice pay range, I think seeing the numbers would motivate me more to contact you, even if it is just a pay range on paper/screen.
   You could also say the size of your company, something more specific than 'small to medium', and what percent of the company is IT and what is other depts.
   The job desc sounds nice, though.  Do you need any more programmers?  If so please respond in ACSII format only. :)

- Where do you all look for work when you're on the market?
   I posted my resume on Monster and a day later recruiters started calling me.  I got my current job through a recruiter.
   Someone I know in HR says she doesn't like recruiters, though.  She says they do stuff like post the job on Monster, which she could have done herself, or show up at random at her work with food for her after she's already had lunch and is busy, or hang out at the local convenience store just to get the chance to bump into her accidentally.

- Where does your company find candidates for Unix admin positions?
   I think from the recruiters.  If you're willing to train people, you could send emails to CS department advisors.

Just my 2 cents.

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