Brian Vagnoni on 11 Oct 2008 08:57:38 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Windows eeePC ships with malware

I have to say that I have tamed Vista and am comfortable using it. 
While it is far from perfect and or enterprise ready it offers reliable 
fast 64 bit operation on my HP tx2500z tablet with many cool features. 
Yes I just used the F and the R word in the same sentence and Vista.
I hope your virgin eyes can take it. :-) I use an excellent 3rd
party firewall and feel secure using it for casual work(not NSA
stuff) and play. There are ways to speed Vista up and tune its security
& I/O intensive zealous nature down.

Why didn't I just down grade to XP? There is no official down grade path.
If purchasing a new laptop you should make sure if you don't want to
put the time in taming Vista to make sure that all the drivers and
a path to downgrade are available. Just like you would have to do if
planning on installing Linux. Though I have to admit support for bleeding
edge hardware has gotten a lot better. 

For me it's all about the challenge of something new and the knowledge
gleaned from the experience. As soon as I get the Opensuse 11.1 Beta 2
installed hopefully my tablet features with start working under Linux
as well. Beta 1 worked great but no tablet features.

Opensuse is adding support for many many tablets. See Danny's Blog which
should filter to the other distro's. Yea!!!!!

There is an old saying:

Jack of all trades;
Master of none;

The rest goes:

Better than master of one;

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