Brian Vagnoni on 21 Oct 2008 09:54:15 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] MBSFW Happy Soon To Be Halloween

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From: Walt Mankowski 

>How can you tell?  Certainly not by >>her fashion taste.  And by that
>logic, is it ok to post images of 
>strippers and porn stars?

A model named Riven, | Sedcard von Riven

There is a line between art and pr0n. In europe stuff like that is considered art. I won't enter into a debate about this however.

If this was christmas morning or easter or some other faith based holiday I would question the appropriateness of this. But it is close to Halloween, people have Halloween decorations out, it's that time of year.

So in the spirit(pun intended) of the holiday I decided to share with the group something that I thought was cool, inline with the holiday as well as something to do with linux as well as everyones favorite distro.

I meant no harm or foul. I also and as a matter of fact didn't analy explore every millimeter of the site with zoom. 

Regardless I still wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween.

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