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Re: [PLUG] git vs. bzr

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 12:42:55AM -0400, JP Vossen wrote:
> I've been looking at Bazaar (bzr), a VCS that sounds similar to git. 
> (Actually, it looks to me like it's Cannonical's superset of git.)  For 
> whatever reason, something about git makes my head hurt, but bzr seems 
> much more user friendly.  It also fully supports Windows (it's 
> Python-based), which, like it or not, I need to use for $WORK.  It also 
> has human-readable revision numbers, though a more git-like long ugly 
> globally unique revision ID also exists.
> I mostly use CVS at work and SVN at home, but bzr can work with either 
> (SVN in particular) in a number of ways.  bzr is far more flexible in 
> the "topologies" it supports than CVS or SVN, and it sounds like it's 
> more flexible than git in that area too. 

if you use a comparison hosted at one project you're likely going to get
a slightly skewed take on things, naturally :)

that said, i think which $dvcs is supreme is a classic vim vs. emacs type
argument.  there are a number of good arguments on either side, and it
more depends on how you want to work and with what projects you want to

a more balanced comparison can be found here, along with some interesting
backstory in the evolution of dvcs's:

personally, myself i drink the git kool-aid, and it tastes great, but
i don't have anything in particular against bzr, at least as long as i'm
allowed to bitch about how slow it is until they fix that.  and as a 
disclaimer, yes, the learning curve is a bit steep (so i guess git is the
vim of dvcs, maybe bzr is the emacs).

> CVS is ancient and has some great docs (O'Reilly's _Essential CVS_). 
> SVN is mature and has some great docs (The "Red Bean" book).  I haven't 
> looked into it a great deal, but git seems raw and not well documented 
> to me, though I'm very possibly missing something.  bzr has great docs 
> (truly impressive for a GNU project, much less one that seems to be < 1 
> year old).

this is the starter document i used:

looks like there's an oreilly book for it too.

> My original reason for looking at it (or git) is to de-couple 
> "snapshotting changes with the act of publishing those changes." [quote 
> from URL above]  CVS branching and merging is just too painful to use, 
> but I'd like to have change snapshots while I'm working on something, 
> but then publish the change back up to CVS/SVN when I'm finished.  It 
> looks like either git or bzr can work from inside a working CVS or SVN 
> tree, though bzr explicitly and natively supports exactly what I want 
> [].

there's a git-svn and bzr-svn command.  i believe both work bidirectionally
with svn repos, though i've only used them to export/import repos as i
needed to convert them.

> Any comments, esp. from those more familiar with git (Rob?)?  Does 
> anyone know enough about this to do a preso?

yes, but someone has to foot me the airfare :)

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 12:53:49AM -0400, Alex Launi wrote:
> bzr has its own, it's called LoggerHead and it's pretty good. Another great
> part of bzr is its tight integration with launchpad, which is by far the
> best bug tracker/project management tool out there. Some freetards will yell
> about it not being foss, but it's being opened piece by piece anyway. I

go troll somewhere else.



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