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Re: [PLUG] KDE 4.1.2 Verdict

On Thursday 30 October 2008, Gordon Dexter wrote:
> Add to that a few minor graphical issues and I was ready to switch after
> trying it for less than a day.  I'm usually more open to different and
> new things but I also like to be able to bend things to do my bidding,
> and KDE4 made me feel even worse than Gnome in that regard.  I'm sure
> that if the same people who did KDE 3 keep working on KDE 4 it will have
> all the config options I want and more soon enough, but right now I'm
> sticking with 3.5.

The difference is that while GNOME intentionally removed options, KDE 4's 
panel is less flexible than Kicker from KDE 3 because the entire thing had to 
be ripped out and rewritten.  Fortunately, the new desktop+panel is developing 
quite rapidly, so it won't be long until the Plasma panels are as good as or 
better then Kicker.

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