Michael Lazin on 10 Nov 2008 10:31:59 -0800

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[PLUG] Hardware, some free, some cheap

Hey, I decided to seriously reduce the number of computers I have.  I am offering an old Sun Workstation for free:

Sun Sparcstation 20
17" Sun Monitor
Sun type 5 keyboard and mouse. 
I've got Solaris 9 on this, but I am sure it will run the Sparc linux distro of your choice, system has one hypersparc processor of unknown speed and 128megs ram, 2 gig hard drive.  free to a good home. 

I also have a Dell Dimension ES521 that I would like to sell, system has 2ghz AMD64 processor, onboard sound and video, 512 megs ram, 80 gig sata hard drive.  came with vista home basic, runs 64bit ubuntu great.  Make me an offer. 

I am also trying to get rid of a compaq 17" CRT monitor.  I can throw this in with the Dell or sell it for cheap. 

All this stuff is in University city, pick up only. 

Michael Lazin
To gar auto estin noein te kai enai
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