Gordon Dexter on 14 Nov 2008 14:31:24 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Distros

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> Has anyone ever heard of or attempted to compile a list of say the top 10 distro's and their differences? This list would include the finer technical points as well.
> What would you say are the key points that make one distro different than the next?
I would say such a list would have to include configuration utilities, 
package system, support and release cycle, and the general philosophy of 
the distro, and it's target user base.  It should also probably mention 
specific strengths, like for example Ubuntu is oft cited for great 
hardware support, RedHat is enterprise-friendly, etc.  It should 
probably make a note of substantial omissions or shortcomings (e.g. 
Slackware is terrible at dependencies and does nothing for you).

Honestly though I would be surprised if such a list didn't already exist 
in some form or another.  People love arguing and comparing distros, so 
I think you're likely to find something like what you describe has 
already been done.

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