Casey Bralla on 24 Nov 2008 15:05:15 -0800

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[PLUG] OT: Want Kivio Networking Stencils

I'm creating a network diagram in Kivio, and I'm looking for good stencils to 

Please excuse my anal-retentavieness, but very few of the stencils I've been 
able to find have had the proper blend of techi-ness and asthetics.   The 
Cisco stencils are butt-ugly.  Most clip art is too cutsie.  I found a 
good "icon" site, which let me download a half dozen images as png files.  Of 
course, they are not "complete" with all the hardware I need to lay out and 
do notch match each other in style.

Anybody know of a good collection of icons or images?  It needs to include 
things like:

Monitors (CRT & LCD)
Wireless Ports



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