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[PLUG] RSS readers and Googling locally

I used to use this killer RSS reader under [a different OS] that did
everything but buy me chocolate.  Since I don't use that OS much
anymore, I forget the name (RSS Bandit?).

By comparison, most of the native RSS readers suck, to use a technical
term.  It might also be what I'm used to that's skewing my perception
(moreso than normal).

The only one I like so far is Akregator.  It's a bit difficult to
describe what I want but I suspect I would like a more robust back end
(contrary to my real-life leanings).

Akregator will allow one to tag a post IMPORTANT.  I'd like to be able
to assign my own tags (and more than one).  Perhaps to do some more
flexible management of content. [that's back end, right?]

Does anybody know of one that will do this?

The second item on our hit parade is a device/appliance/software to
crawl the corporate intranet and provide a Google-like service.  Google
has signaled their willingness to *sell* us an appliance for this but I
don't exactly trust that particular vendor.

Unfortunately I don't know what this is called.  I did some searches
under content/knowledge management and came up dizzy.  Some of that
software looked like it required its own team to implement and run.

In terms of ease of use, is there any hope for an open source solution
or am I better off just letting them go Google?


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